Volunteer Guidelines

More than 500 volunteers serve at the Mission each month! We are always looking for passionate, skilled, and committed individuals or groups to serve in all areas of our ministry.

In an effort to provide our volunteers with a safe environment and to best serve those individuals placed in our care, all volunteers of the Frederick Rescue Mission must strictly adhere to the following guidelines.

Mission Statement:  The Frederick Rescue Mission is Christ-centered ministry that provides a long-term residential recovery program to the chemically addicted, food to the hungry, clothing and furniture to the homeless and those in need.

  • Mission Statement – Volunteer must read the Mission Statement above and agree not to say or do anything that would compromise the integrity of the said Mission Statement.
  • Statement of Faith – Volunteer must agree to read the Statement of Faith before sharing spiritual insight and/or guidance that would compromise the integrity of the Mission’s Statement of Faith.
  • Dress – Volunteers should dress conservatively. For those working with food or clothing, volunteers must wear closed-toed shoes, and shirts with sleeves.
  • Personal Belongings – Volunteer should leave all personal belongings at home or in a secured vehicle.
  • Service Area – Volunteer should not leave the area of service they are assigned without permission from a supervising Mission team member.
  • Personal Information – Volunteer should not share any personal information with residents or clients. Example of personal information includes but is not limited to; last name, telephone number, address and work information.
  • Gifts and/or Loans – Volunteer may not give residents or anyone the Mission serves, gifts of any kind, including money, or loans.
  • Transportation – Volunteer may not transport residents or those we serve without prior approval of a Mission residential team supervisor.
  • Age – Volunteer must be at least 12 years of age to work at the Mission. An adult volunteer or staff member must accompany those under the age of 18 at all times.
  • Contact / Relations – Volunteer must discuss potential off-the-premises social interactions regarding residents or those we serve with the Mission’s residential team, prior to engagement.
  • Improper Familiarity – Volunteer is strictly prohibited from flirting, dating or engaging in relations of any kind with residents and those we serve.
  • Mission’s Privacy Policy – Volunteer must keep all information acquired while serving at the Mission, confidential.
  • Inappropriate Behavior or Situations – Volunteer must report inappropriate behavior or situations to a supervising team member, immediately.
  • Prescription Medication – Volunteer is prohibited from bringing prescription medication onto Mission property. Volunteer should not work while ill and should call the Mission to cancel any hours previously signed – – Over the Counter Medication – Volunteer must not offer or give residents or those we serve any medication, i.e. aspirin, cough medication, cough drops, or anything containing alcohol.
  • Foul Language and Violence – Volunteer must not use or engage in foul language or violence of any nature while serving at the Mission. Any suspicion of assault, sexual harassment or other inappropriate behavior must be reported to the volunteer manager immediately.
  • Soliciting – Volunteer is not permitted to solicit goods or services on Mission property.
  • Background Checks – Volunteer is subject to background investigation prior to the start of volunteer service.

Thank you for helping us change lives now and for eternity!