Faith House

Faith House

Since 1964, the Mission has provided for the needs of the hungry, the hurting and those experiencing homelessness. Faith House opened in 2016 to help women in crises overcome obstacles and get back on their feet.

Faith House is a vital program of the Mission, offering shelter that combines case management and targeted services. Ensuring that families and individuals have their physical needs met is the first step in working toward the goal of obtaining safe, suitable housing.

The Faith House program focuses on:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Spiritual and Emotional Well-being
  • Life Skills
  • Connections

We strive to help our guests find a safe place to live and develop the community connections they need to live stable lives.  Most importantly, we introduce our guests to and help them cultivate a  relationship with Jesus Christ.

To give a special gift for Faith House, please visit our giving page and designate Faith House as your Special Interest.

For more information or application submission, please contact Terri Gray, Faith House Program Director, at (301)-695-6633 ext. 230 or

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