The Heart of the Mission

We are a mission of vital connections.  We were blessed to help those in need, in so many ways in, 2017.  Connecting those who have been blessed with those who need a blessing.   In 2017, 81 men enrolled in our Changed Life Recovery Program and 22 graduated.  The men stayed with us a total of 11,853 nights of recovery, 52 women and children joined us at Faith House, 5 of those women are getting an education while 15 found jobs and 16 families found a home.  Through our community outreach program, 1000 people found shelter from the cold, 64 children were enrolled in our Summer Enrichment Camp where 8 churches and 375 volunteers helped out.  5,509 people found clothing from our Rescued Treasures donation center.  130,426 meals were served through our Bread of Life Kitchen.  4,181 households, 399 veterans and 14,944 people came through our Food Distribution  Center a total of 119,906 times, where they were provided with groceries at no cost.  For the entire year, we had 13,530 volunteers.  Donating were 79 foundations, 77 churches, 2,245 individual, 113 business and 24 employees.  We’ve been building these vital connections for over 50 years and by the grace of God and one generous community, we will be building them for many more.  Our mission is to change lives now and for eternity.

Press inquiries should be sent to Jasmine Sneed, Director of Development, at [email protected] or 301-695-6633 x210.