A Message from Guy Mutchler

When I started at the Mission 25 years ago, our Food Services Department consisted of a “bread aisle,” which was basically a hallway outside of our kitchen where people could walk through and pick up a loaf of bread and some canned vegetables. This ministry... Read More

Thoughts on Freedom

One of the highlights of my serving at the Mission is witnessing the men graduate from the Changed Life Recovery Program. Knowing their condition when they began and seeing the difference at the end is amazing. Yet one question looms large: “What will happen next?”... Read More

Freedom, Service, and Love

The Gospel of Jesus Christ calls people to true freedom. United to Jesus by faith and empowered by His Spirit, His followers are now free to “serve one another in love” (Gal. 5:13). Freed from the penalty and power of enslaving sin, Christians can now... Read More