The Process of Inner Healing

When a man joins the Changed Life Recovery Program (CLRP), he takes a step of faith and courage, confronting his past to leave behind who he was to become a new man. He has been struggling with addiction, homelessness, or both, and he is doing all he can to recover.

In the first six months of the CLRP, a participant lives on the Frederick Rescue Mission campus. He eats, sleeps, and goes to classes with the other men in the program. Each day starts with prayer, Bible study, and drug and alcohol recovery classes. The resident also works on furthering his education; if he does not have a high school degree, he works on his GED. Afternoons are set aside for work therapy, helping the residents develop good work habits and new skills. In the evening, a participant can expect a Bible class, a chapel, or a field trip. In the fifth month of the program, the Mission helps participants to find a job.

When a man graduates from the six-month residential program, he may participate in a six-month transitional phase. The Mission moves him into one of two transitional houses connected to the Mission campus. The Mission expects him to pay a monthly program fee, which is still less than he would typically pay for rent. Each participant is assigned a mentor he meets with at least twice a week; most of the time, those relationships continue long after the program ends. During the day, a transitional resident works in the community or serves as a Frederick Rescue Mission intern. Each evening he participates in classes with the residential participants. The Mission expects every transitional participant to attend the church of his choice every Sunday morning.

Unlike other local programs, CLRP treats substance abuse as the result of the user’s problem, not as the problem itself. While addiction causes social fractures, CLRP recognizes that the human condition without God is what causes a broken man to fill his void with worldly desires. When a man enters the CLRP his sobriety begins, and so does the process of his inner healing.