Jake Sexton’s Awakening

Before Jake Sexton became the Case Manager for the Changed Life Recovery Program (CLRP), he was a CLRP participant. He recalls, “I first came here to fix my drug problem, but I came to realize that my problem was much deeper, and my addiction was just a symptom.”

By age 18 Jake realized that he was not in control of his drug use but that the addiction controlled him. He experienced several attempts at recovery and relapses after that. Questions plagued Jake: “Why am I the way I am?” and “Why can’t I do the good I want to do?”

In 2012, when Jake was 22, his brother died of an overdose. Jake realized that he was on the same trajectory and that short-term recovery programs were not helping. When he heard about the Frederick Rescue Mission’s CLRP, he was interested because it is a faith-based recovery program. While Jake did not know much about Jesus, he knew in his heart that there was a God who could help him out of his situation. Jake joined CLRP in November 2013. During his second month in the program, he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ.

One morning during a CLRP class, Jake learned about how Adam and Eve brought the condition of sin into the world. His eyes were opened! “I knew that sin was bad news, but I was ecstatic because I finally understood the force that had been controlling me my entire life! I understood this is why I am the way I am. Then I understood why Jesus had to die for my sin.” The revelation was crucial to Jake’s long-term recovery; he realized that God had forgiven him and set him free from the power of sin.

Jake graduated from the CLRP in October 2014 and continued to serve with the Mission. He was such a powerful encouragement to the residents that the Mission hired him two years later. Since then, God has used Jake to set countless men free from their addictions. “I needed Jesus before I became addicted to drugs; I just didn’t know it yet. He just used my circumstances to make me aware of my need for Him.”